640/725 Crespi apartments

Miami Beach, FL  33141

$5,600,000 USD

Apartments - 28 units - 6%cap  

Screenshot 2015-06-23 10.59.21_edited

Screenshot 2015-06-23 10.59.21_edited

Map details of buildings

Map details of buildings

Seven total buildings, 4 units in each building. Each unit is 3 bedrooms.

Contact listing agent:

Michael Davalos, P.A. 

(786) 295-9568




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Price: $5,600,000

Lot Size: 56,683

Living area: 27,221

Noi: $337,000

Zoning: RM1 low density apartments or condos

Max living area allowed: 70,854 Potential to develop more on this land




A chance to own 28 3 bedrooms apartments. The upside potential in this deal is due to a large amount of unused FAR.  With RM 1 low density zoning this allows you to increase living area space considerably and attain a higher cap rate. Otherwise, you can continue to make a steady 6% cap rate. This is a chance to buy adjacent properties in the next up and coming area of Miami. 


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