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Commercial waterfront land for sale

1555 N Bay Cswy 

North Bay Village  33141

Contact agent:

Michael Davalos, P.A. 

(786) 295-9568



Thank you! Michael will call you shortly.

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8,750 SF

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Land development

Miami Beach, FL


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Sold for land value 


Price: Private Bids only

Lot Size: 83,700 (2 Lots)

Zoning info:  General commercial - Condos, Apartments, Hotel, Office, Retail

Usable area allowed by right: 158,748 sq ft

Height:  240 FT (22 Stories) 

Water frontage: 465 Ft

Residential Units: 129

Retail ground floor units: 4 units - 20,970 sq ft

Office units: 3 units - 8,040 sq ft





Talk about views!!! Presented for sale to you exclusively is 83,700 sq ft of water front commercial land. Uniquely nestled in the middle of Biscayne Bay between Miami Beach on it's east and City of Miami on it's west. This is a commercially zoned piece of land allowing a multitude of different combined uses. Just the type of property an investor needs in times of volatility. Build to a total of 22 stories or 240 FT. The site benefits from it's strategic location in the middle of two booming cities. This is a highly trafficked road which sees over 55K in vehicle traffic everyday. The property has current plans approving 129 condos, 3 office units, and 4 first floor retail units included in the sale. 



Non Disclose / Broker Agreement
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